Reward Days!

             * REWARD DAYS IN MUSIC *

If a class has earned a reward day, it means they have received 10 stickers for excellent behavior as a class.  Next time the class comes to music, children will have the opportunity to perform if they have something prepared and are willing.  This could mean playing an instrument, singing, dancing, telling a joke, etc.  If your child does not want to perform, but would like to share one of his or her favorite songs with the class, he or she can bring a song in on a CD or other type of music player (I have the correct hook-ups in the music room).  Or, I can always provide the music on my laptop here as well.  The music selections should be school appropriate, meaning without curse words or vulgar subject matter.   No student is required to perform; it is strictly on a volunteer basis.  If we have time left over, we play music games chosen by the class.

Upcoming Reward Days: